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Scotland's Glass — Sneak a Peek!
400 Years of Glassmaking, 1610-2010

A New Book covering the history of Scotland's Glass.
Written by Shiona Airlie and Brian Blench

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A full-colour book about Scottish glass. Written by Brian Blench (formerly Head of Decorative Arts in Glasgow Museums) and Shiona Airlie, it is the first general history of Scottish Glass aimed at the general reader. Fully illustrated, it encourages readers to tour the country and explore our wonderful glassmaking heritage for themselves.

Acknowledging the receipt of the book and I am delighted with the quality, the subject matter, the thorough indexing, the lay-out, the value for money, the feel - in short it is a fabulous production for which I cannot thank you enough.
Ivo Haanstra, Author, Glass Fact File A-Z

From humble beginnings, Scotland's glass industry prospered to become a centre of excellence. Within this book the 400 years of Scottish glassmaking history is explored and richly illustrated with many photographs of items that have never been seen before: rare and amazing glass from the 17th to the 21st century.


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AIM: To increase awareness of Scotland's place in the world of glass and encourage interest in current glassmaking.