Confirmed for 1–4 October 2010

VENUE: Edinburgh College of Art.

SPEAKERS currently include:

Conference: Scotland's Glass
Edinburgh College of Art from 1st to 4th October 2010


An International Conference to celebrate 400 years of glassmaking in Scotland is being held at Edinburgh College of Art from the 1-4 October 2010.

Part of a year-long celebration of glass making in Scotland, the following speakers have already been confirmed for this event.

A selection of speakers and topics at the Conference. For a full list, please download the Conference Booking Form.

Speaker Subject
Brian Blench
Formerly Head of Decorative Arts, Glasgow Museums
Helen Munro Turner and her Students
Jill Turnbull (Author)
Expert on the early history of Scottish glass.
Four hundred years: The rise, shine and decline of the Scottish glass industry
Stephen Pollock-Hill
Chairman of The British Glass Education Trust, and curator of the Museum of 20th Century British Domestic Glass
The Scottish Glass Industry in the latter part of the 20th century: A revival?
Simon Cottle
Head of British & European Glass, Bonhams London, and President of the Glass Circle
18th century enameled glass: The Scottish connection
Graham Cooley Loch, Heather & Peat: Domnhall O'Broin & Caithness Glass
Andy Nowson (Author) Caithness Glass Paperweights: 1969-2009 - A 40 year Adventure Pushing the Boundaries...
Geoffrey Seddon (Author) Jacobite Rebellion and Scottish Glass
Siobhan Healy (Glass Artist) Natural form in design
Patty Niemann (Glass Artist) Her work and forms of glass body adornment
Susan Bradbury (Glass Artist) A Contemporary Stained Glass Studio
Jessamy Kelly (glass artist) Full Circle: From a Master's scholarship at Edinburgh Crystal to Edinburgh College of Art as artist in residence.
John Clark (stained glass) The difficulties created by the increasing use of  enameling in flat glass and a comparison between that and the qualities of real glass.
K. Robin Murdoch
Archaeologist, historian and glass specialist
Glass in Scottish Archaeology

Also speaking will be Nigel Benson.

Additional speakers are in contact with the committee but we are eager to hear from others to cover the widest spectrum of interesting subjects relating to glass in Scotland.

We hope to include a selling exhibition and demonstrations.

This is intended to be a three-day multi-stream conference for around 200 delegates covering all aspects of Glass: History, Collecting, Making, Art, Technology, Archaeology, Architecture, Industry. Combined with demonstrations and workshops.

Anyone interested in speaking please get in touch now with subject area and special requirements. Demonstrations, Workshops and Selling exhibition would be subject to the venue but if interested in taking part please let us know as soon as possible. We want to achieve a balanced coverage that if streamed can be tailored to different interest groups: Collecting/History, Art, Industry and Glass technology.

AIM: To spread knowledge amongst interested parties and encourage development.